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TbF 28 - I plan on being great all by myself [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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TbF 28 [Oct. 15th, 2008|10:38 pm]


Title: Touched by Fire
Authour: Beloved
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Note: This fic would never have been continued had it not been for RogueSpike, greensloven, dianehc, bonnysprite, rose_etta and sussixer, all of whom encouraged me - and all of whom deserve credit for more or less anything good in this, because they have written chunks of it!
Warning: Angst and self-harm!

Previous entry: http://ilovedoyle.livejournal.com/302027.html

Clark strolled up the driveway of the Mansion, keying in his code and walking in. When he reached the door of Lex’s office, he realised how much better he felt just being here. Just being in Lex’s presence seemed to take a burden from him.

Seeing that Lex was still busy, Clark shook his head at Lex, and walking over to the bookcase, grabbed a book and a cushion before walking over to the window and making himself comfortable in a patch of sunlight.

Lex watched his best friend relax under the waning rays, feeling as though he could see some of the weight lift from him. Smiling softly, Lex returned to his work, confident that Clark could cope for 10 minutes without him.

It was closer to a half hour later when Lex finally immerged from his work, glad to find Clark in much the same state he left him. However, Clark had immediately noticed his return, and was quick to mark his page and put the book aside. Scrambling to his feet, Clark followed his first gut instinct, and asked; “Everything ok?”

Lex smiled at him, appreciating that Clark asked and that Clark actually cared about his response; not just asked out of politeness but truly wanting to know.

“Fine now, it’s just been a long day. Especially when I’ve been cooped up inside on what appears to have been a lovely day.”

“Oh! It has been quite sunny today. Lex, do you mind if we go outside for a bit.? The sun always makes me feel better, and you really should get out and appreciate what’s left of the day yourself.”

Lex had long ago noticed how the weather seemed to have an affect on Clark; how much happier, healthier and generally at peace he seemed when the sun was out, regardless of the temperature. So he was pleased that Clark had picked up his hint to go out, and agreed swiftly.


Once they had left the Mansion, Lex led Clark out to the rose garden, explaining that it was his Mother’s favourite place, and that he often came here after a bad day with his father; it made him feel closer to her.

“It’s a beautiful garden; I can see why your Mother loved it so much.”

“Well, it means a lot to me; I had this garden restored in her memory, and I really do feel closer to her when I am here. So it means a lot to me that you can appreciate it too.”

Clark could feel the sadness from his friend, and grabbed Lex’s hand and gave it a quick squeeze as he replied; “It’s so peaceful.”

“And that’s where my proposition comes in.”

Clark raised an eyebrow; “Should I be worried?”

Lex chuckled, and swatted Clark as he replied; “No, nothing like that Clark. I know you haven’t been eating at lunchtime, that you haven’t been that comfortable going in the cafeteria. So I just wanted you to know that you are more than welcome to come here.”

Clark was already touched that Lex had brought him to the garden, but the fact that Lex had been thinking about him, trying to come up with ways to encourage Clark to eat, and the fact that Lex was so willing to share a place that meant so much to him, with Clark, Clark could feel the emotion attempting to overwhelm him. He swallowed several times, rubbing a hand over his thigh, (where there were still several healing burns), the irritation distracting him from his emotions.

Until recent events, Lex had considered himself to be the utmost authority on all things Clark, but he could see what Clark was doing, and leaning over, he took the hand that was still rubbing over the burns, and squeezed for a moment, before wrapping an arm around him and tugging him into a light embrace.

Relaxing into Lex’s arms, Clark felt the rest of his troubles float away, and resting his head on Lex’s shoulder, he whispered; “Thank you.”

Each perfectly at ease with the other in their personal space, Clark rested a hand on Lex’s chest and they sat there, together, in comfortable silence, and watched the sunset.